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Managing Order Cancellations

Cancellations are an inevitable aspect of order management. Goflow simplifies the process with a seamless integration for the three types of cancellations:

Managing Seller Cancellations

If you are unable to fulfill an order, you can initiate a seller cancellation. You may cancel one order, or multiple orders at once. Select an appropriate cancellation reason, and let Goflow notify the store of the cancellation.

Cancelling a Single Order

To cancel an order, follow these steps:

  1. From the side menu, go to Orders, and open the order.
  2. On the Status card, click on the pencil icon to edit.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select Canceled.
  4. To have Goflow send a cancellation to the store, ensure that Notify Store is checked.
  5. Pick an appropriate cancellation reason from the available options.
  6. Finally, complete the cancellation by clicking Save.

Cancel is an irreversible action. Once an order has been canceled, it cannot be reopened.

Cancelling the Order with the Store

A cancel notification is sent to the store within half an hour. Following a successful cancellation, a log is saved to the order noting the time the order was canceled with the store.

To cancel an order in Goflow unilaterally, while keeping it open with the channel, ensure that Notify Store is unchecked. This action makes sense if you intend to ship the order outside of Goflow, and prefer not to deduct the inventory in Goflow. When you cancel an order without notifying the store, the order will bear the label Store Not Notified under the cancellation reason.

Some channels do not support integrated cancellations. For orders of these channels, you will not see the checkbox Notify Store. Instead, log-in to the seller portal to cancel the order.

Selecting a Cancellation Reason

When cancelling an order, select an appropriate cancellation reason. The selected reason could have an impact on your seller metrics with the store. Different channels offer unique lists of reasons, and the available options vary based on the circumstances. For instance, the reason customer requested cancellation may only be available for orders with an actual pending cancellation request.

A cancellation reason consists of two parts:

The cancellation reason title is displayed inside the order under order status. To learn the precise reason code sent to the store, export the canceled order along with its cancellation reason. Create a custom order export, and include the field for Cancellation Reason Store Code.

Certain channels do not support integrated cancellations at all, while other channels support cancellations but not cancellation reasons. For these channels, you can still assign a cancellation reason for your own internal reference. The list of non-integrated cancellation reasons is managed under memorized lists. Using memorized lists helps to keep cancellation reasons standardized rather than free-styling it.

Cancelling an Order during Acknowledgment

For wholesale orders that need acknowledgment, Goflow notifies the store whether the order was accepted or rejected. For orders partially rejected, the rejected items are split off from the main order and canceled. Note that this action is irreversible, as canceled orders cannot be reopened.

Cancelling Orders in Bulk

You may cancel multiple orders at once. To cancel in bulk, follow these steps:

  1. From the side menu, go to Orders.
  2. Use the order filters and search to find the orders you wish to cancel.
  3. Select orders one-by-one, or use the top checkbox to select all orders.
  4. Go to ActionsChange Orders Status.
  5. For selections exceeding 100, confirm your intent by entering the number of selected orders.
  6. Change the Order Status to Canceled.
  7. Choose a cancellation reason for all selected orders.
  8. Choose whether to cancel the orders with the store, or not.
  9. Finally, click Save to proceed with the bulk cancellation.

Goflow returns a log listing all selected orders that could not be canceled and the reason why.

As each channel uses different cancellation reasons, the option to cancel with the store is possible only when all selected orders are of the same channel.

Receiving Customer Cancellation Requests

For supported channels, Goflow imports cancellation requests initiated by the customer. A cancellation request indicates the customer's intent to cancel the order. Although the order has not been canceled at this point, the store may proceed to cancel the order soon if no action is taken.

If the order is still in an open stage, it moves to the Review bucket with the review reason Cancellation requested by store. Click on the Resolve button, and decide whether to accept or reject the cancellation request:

If the order has already reached a final stage, it stays in that stage and does not move to the Review bucket, as doing so would disrupt the processing flow. Final stage orders include those Shipped, Ready for Pickup, or Awaiting Confirmation from a 3PL warehouse. In such cases, Goflow sends an email notification to the contact on file informing them of the cancellation request. Sellers can decide for themselves whether they still want to accept the cancellation, and how to halt the order processing.

Regardless of the order stage, Goflow adds an order note indicating the time of the cancellation request.

Receiving Store Cancellations

For supported channels, Goflow imports cancellations from the store. The process varies based on the order stage:

If you ship a canceled order, the shipment notification to the store will fail. The failed shipment will appear in order followups.