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Target Plus Listings

Creating Listings in Target Approved Categories

You can only create listings in the categories that have been approved for your account. To check which categories are approved, you can click on Refresh List of Categories. Alternatively, you can visit the Target Seller Portal, and access a report called Allowed Item Types under the Reports section to view all the approved categories for your account.

Target's Listing Review Process

After a listing is published, the listing stays in Pending while Target is reviewing the listing.

Target typically completes the review process within 72 hours. However, if the review takes longer than that, you can request an expedited review by opening a support ticket with Target.

In the case of variation listings, it may take some time for the Target website to display related listings as a variation. If this process exceeds 72 hours, you should open a support ticket with Target for further assistance.

Once you have consistently submitted multiple error-free listings, Target may upgrade your seller status to auto-approved. This means that your future listings will be immediately published without undergoing the manual review process.

Manage Listing Attributes

When entering the attributes of your Target listings, consider the following guidelines:



If you encounter a situation where a listing is being reviewed for a missing category, but you cannot find the category field to provide the necessary information, reach out to Goflow Support for assistance.




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