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Target Plus Listings

Goflow offers a comprehensive toolset for creating and managing Target Plus listings. With Goflow, you can:

Managing Target Listing Attributes

When entering the attributes of your Target listings, consider the following guidelines:






This section is optional.

Target Variation Listings

The maximum number of variation children allowed is 300. However, Target recommends limiting the number of variations to a maximum of 20 for better manageability.

Target allows only one image for the variation parent. The first image uploaded to the parent will be used as the main image for the listing on Target.

Understanding Target's Listing Review Process

After a listing is published and passes the internal review process, its status updates to Pending while Target reviews the new listing. Target typically completes the review within 72 hours. If the review takes longer, you can request an expedited review by opening a support ticket with Target.

For variations, it may take some time for the Target website to display related listings as a variation family. If this process exceeds 72 hours, open a support ticket with Target for further assistance.