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Memorized Lists

Understanding Memorized Lists

Memorized lists are lists of values that are defined by the user and utilized in products and in transactions.

The use of memorized lists helps in maintaining well-organized lists free from repetitive variations. Additionally, it allows for easy selection from pre-existing options instead of repeatedly typing in the same choices.

These attributes are managed under Memorized Lists:

Certain channels have their own specific list of cancellation reasons. This list is only available for orders where the channel does not provide its own predefined list.

Managing Memorized Lists

To access and make changes to your memorized lists:

  1. Go to: DirectoryMemorized Lists.
  2. Select the list you want to modify, and click on it.

From inside the selected list, you can search for specific options. You can:

Deleting an option from the memorized list will not remove it from any products or transactions that already used it.