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a powerful ally.

Goflow delivers on the ‘Power to the merchant’ promise with the kind of intuitive features and processes that make listing management both easy and error-proof.

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    Just press to publish

    With one click, you can create and publish listings directly from Goflow to many marketplaces. Coming soon: for flexibility and control, you can sync product attributes from your catalog to any field in your listing.

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    Proactive listing status management

    A listing can be Pending, Active, In Review, or Inactive. If a listing is missing/incorrect, it’s automatically bucketed for your review so you can then send it back to the correct flow.

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    Know what needs fixing

    Thanks to our flow, nothing falls through the cracks. If a store de-activates a listing, Goflow moves it into your Review bucket with a note, empowering you to correct and re-publish, or de-activate.

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    Automatic listing imports

    To keep data current, Goflow continuously pulls listing information from all your stores. Any listing created at the store is automatically imported, as are store-originated changes.

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    Live inventory updates

    Goflow continuously updates your listings' inventory quantity at the store. Based on your intricate inventory allocation rules, it includes warehouse and/or vendor inventory. See Inventory for details.