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  1. Store Listings

    Overview of channel listing management in Goflow

  2. Mapping Listing Attributes to Product Fields

    Mapping listing attributes to product fields makes it easier to create listings

  3. Creating and Managing Synced Listings

    Automatically sync listing attribute updates by updating mapped product fields

  4. Target Plus Listings

    Manage Target Plus listings

  5. Creating and Managing Listings

    Listing tool to create and manage listings

  6. Creating and Managing Stores in Goflow

    Creating a new stores, and managing existing store settings

  7. Creating and Managing Amazon Seller Store

    Creating and managing Amazon Seller store, managing FBA orders and listings, and merchant fulfilled shipped and inventory allocation

  8. QuickBooks Desktop Accounting Integration

    Creating and maintaining a QuickBooks Desktop integration with Goflow for syncing invoices and bills

  9. QuickBooks Online Accounting Integration

    Creating and maintaining a QuickBooks Online integration with Goflow for syncing invoices and bills

  10. Accounting Integration

    Managing an accounting integration with Goflow, including customers, vendors, products, invoices, bills, currency, submissions and deletions

  11. Accounting Products

    Accounting products provides a link between Goflow products and accounting products

  12. Vendor Products

    Vendor products allow tracking vendor item numbers, inventory, and cost

  13. Managing Order Cancellations

    cancelling orders, receiving customer cancellation requests, receiving store cancellations

  14. Assigning a Warehouse to Orders

    Order Fulfillment Warehouses by inventory availability, select closest warehouse by proximity, customize items fulfillment settings, change the warehouse on an order.

  15. Order Followups

    order followups and failed shipment notifications

  16. Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF)

    Creating and managing Amazon multi-channel fulfillment orders

  17. Creating and Managing Pick Lists

    Creating and managing Pick Lists, selecting orders for picking, picking by warehouse locations, scanning products to pick

  18. Updating Channel Listings with Inventory

    Update stores with update-to-date inventory stock levels

  19. Inventory Adjustments

    Adjustment adds inventory, allows for erroneous transaction errors and inventory recounts.

  20. Memorized Lists

    Memorized lists keeps frequenty used lists organized, reduces repetition, and ease of selection

  21. Custom Exports

    Export transactions, export lists, create and manage custom exports

  22. Managing Users and Roles

    Manage Users and Roles, manage login email and password.

  23. Tags

    define tags, manage tag colors, apply tags to transaction, manage tags in bulk

  24. Inventory Forecasting | Purchasing | Goflow Documentation

    Goflow’s Inventory Forecasting software uses data to forecast demand and help in inventory planning. Learn how to access, customize, and calculate suggestions

  25. Product Fields

    Manage Product standard fields and custom fields

  26. Product Units of Measure

    Manage product units of measure

  27. Creating and Managing Products

    Create and manage products

  28. Product Identifiers

    Manage product identifiers barcode labels

  29. Connecting and Managing UPS Accounts

    Connect and authorize UPS account