Reports & Analytics

In the know, now.

Gain powerful on-demand insights into your entire business with beautiful, live, interactive graphs and reports, all printable and exportable for data crunching.

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    Eyeball everything, accurately

    View cumulative or individual order sales data across all your channels and stores, filterable by any date range as well as by a full suite of advanced additional filters.

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    P&L, to the penny

    Get the most detailed look at profit and loss with a clear breakdown of product revenue, shipping revenue, product cost, shipping cost, and channel fees—all with advanced filtering.

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    Compare store performance

    See sale totals by channel to compare performance from store to store, and easily identify store health by revenue, profit margin, return rates, and other insightful sales metrics.

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    Profits per individual product

    Know in an instant whether any given product is netting a plus or a minus with profit and loss reports per product. For bankable results, costs and revenues are clearly split between separate streams including channel fees; shipping costs and product costs; product revenue and shipping revenue; etc.

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    All inventory, at a glance

    Generate inventory reports for a birds-eye view of all your inventory across all warehouses (or per warehouse), strategically categorized as available, on hand, on SO, on PO and so on.

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    Know what value you hold

    A single click brings up a full inventory value report by warehouse or as a total of inventory across your entire ecommerce ecosystem—all based on current FIFO batches.

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    Age is just the number

    Get the exact number of days your inventory has been aging, based on FIFO batches. Gain a feel for stale items and slow movers so you can make smart deal decisions to thaw the glut.