EDI Itegration

So joyful,
you’ll flow in love.

Goflow reimagines EDI orders by removing all complexities and delivering the effortless order flow you know and love—plus enhanced features in all the right places.

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    Inventory sent via EDI 846 documents

    Goflow periodically sends EDI 846 documents to inform your stores of your available inventory. See Inventory for details on our inventory features.

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    EDI 850 POs constantly imported

    Goflow continuously checks the EDI integration endpoint for new 850 documents, transparently importing them into the system as regular orders.

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    Automatic confirmation via EDI 855 documents

    You can select for Goflow to automatically confirm all your POs at the store. Whenever an 850 PO document is imported, the system will send back an 855 document right away, confirming the full order at the store.

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    Manual order confirmation

    You may select to manually confirm your orders, first ensuring you are able to fulfill them. Goflow aids you in this process with an intuitive interface and inline detailed inventory information. The EDI 855 confirmation is then automatically generated and submitted.

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    Bulk order confirmation

    Goflow empowers you to manually confirm all of your orders in time, by allowing you to confirm all of your EDI orders at once. The system collapses different order lines for the same product into glanceable single lines, so you easily see the quantity required.

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    Orders streamlined via regular flow

    Post acknowledgment, orders move into their regular order flow based on store/item settings. This ensures that you still have access to our powerful flow system even for these complex EDI orders. See Flows for more.

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    EDI 753 Shipment Routing

    Request Shipment Routing directly within Goflow for Amazon Vendor Central or Walmart Vendor. All freight fields pre-populate according to your product catalog. If the request is initiated after packing, the system uses the packed boxes' information.

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    EDI 754 Application Routing Response

    Goflow actively monitors for routing responses and automatically updates the order with its shipment details, resulting in the same simplicity on your end as with regular orders.

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    Pack & prepare with ease

    Shipping from within Goflow feels as familiar and natural as with regular orders. Prepare your shipments for pickup, and even generate shipping manifests for easier tracking.

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    EDI 856 Advance Shipment Notification (ASN)

    Once the shipment leaves your warehouse, Goflow will automatically send an ASN to the store with the correct tracking information.

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    EDI 810 Invoice

    Once the order is shipped, Goflow will automatically send an invoice to the store for the full amount of the shipped items. The system will also upload the invoices to your connected accounting system (such as QuickBooks).

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    3PL fulfillment order via 940 EDI documents

    Create a fulfillment order via the regular 3PL Fulfillment Flow, and Goflow will submit an EDI 940 order request to your 3PL partner.

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    3PL shipment notification via 945 EDI documents

    Goflow continuously monitors the EDI integration endpoint for the 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice document. As soon as the system receives the fulfillment confirmation from the 3PL, the order is marked as shipped and an ASN sent to the store.

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    EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgement

    All incoming EDI documents are immediately responded to with an EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgement, to let the store know that it's been propely received.