Purchasing & Receiving

Get better
at getting goods in.

Proceed all the way from PO through fulfillment and FIFO cost tracking without the need to ever leave your Goflow screen.

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    Create POs within Goflow

    Process all your purchase orders directly within the system—manually or through file upload. Select items using any identifier, aided by our systemwide powerful, blazing-fast search.

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    Receive PO in multiple warehouses

    Regardless of which of your warehouses you specify in your PO, Goflow is smart enough to enable seamless receiving of any portion of your PO at any of your warehouses.

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    See inventory while purchasing

    While creating your PO, the system displays live inventory counts across all your warehouses and vendors, helping you select the right vendors and destinations for every item.

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    Easily purchase group/kit components

    Goflow enables easy purchasing of components for your kit or group products. Select the quantity of kits or groups you need, and the system will auto-populate the PO with correct quantities per component.

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    Email PO directly to vendor

    Goflow creates beautiful PDFs of your POs, available for download or direct vendor emailing from within the system—without the need to launch a separate email client on your computer.

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    Receive multiple POs at once

    Receive items without a PO; against a PO; or even against multiple same-vendor POs. If you under-receive or receive items not in the original POs, dismissible alerts keep you informed—and in control.

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    Intelligent scan-and-receive

    Scan any barcode to receive the correct item. Scanning also supports Unit of Measure barcodes, so the system counts the correct multiple of specific items with a single scan.

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    Optional ‘Receive & Ship’

    Receive and ship your items at the same time. While receiving, the correct order is selected by the system for automatic pack-and-ship—all with a single scan.

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    Track inventory FIFO cost

    Upon receiving, record vendor invoices to help track item costs (on FIFO basis). Bills are also automatically sent to your integrated accounting software, such as QuickBooks.

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    Automatic bill reconciliation

    Enter and save a bill at any time to inform the system of exact item costs. In the event a bill doesn’t match your received total, the discrepancy is highlighted onscreen for your review and reconciliation.

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    Manually record indirect costs

    Add ancillary costs like shipping, arbitrage, storage, finders’ fees and more to any vendor invoice, and Goflow factors them into your cost totals (on FIFO basis). See Reports & Analytics for more.