Shipping & Logistics

Get ship done.

Leverage Goflow as your ultimate logistical advantage to regain control of your packing, freight shopping, labeling, shipping and invoicing.

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    Pack-and-ship at full speed

    Directly pack and ship a single order with a click, or create a pick list with multiple orders using Goflow’s advanced filters by store, item, quantity, etc. See Direct Fulfillment for more.

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    See what’s where, what’s missing

    Print pick lists complete with product images and stored aisle/bin locations. Orders with missing inventory are automatically bucketed for your review.

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    Ship by pick list or via scan

    Bulk ship all (or filtered selection of) orders in a pick list using predefined or manually selected per-order carriers. You can also quickly scan a picked product to auto-open, pack and ship its order.

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    Pack all you need, nothing you don’t

    Ensure the right products are packed: Scan every item packed (or by unit of measure); click to pack multiple boxes of the same item with the same quantity; or auto-pack all items in the order according to predefined specifications.

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    Skip manual weight/dimensions entry

    Product weight/dimensions auto-populate from your catalog. You can also save weight/dimensions of new items as you ship, for future instances of the same item.

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    Save preset boxes

    Save all your boxes' dimensions in Goflow, then easily select from one of your boxes when shipping a product, to avoid manually re-entering the same dimensions again and again.

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    Get freight with connected scale

    Connect your shipping scale to auto-populate your shipment boxes' weight. The system supports most popular USB/Bluetooth scales via easy plug-n-play.

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    Deeply customized shipping rules

    After analyzing your unique fulfillment and logistical needs, Team Goflow will help you set up custom, elaborate rules to dynamically choose the correct carrier/shipping method/insurance and more. Choose rules according to store, order value, country, original shipping method, speed and more.

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    Intelligent shipping equivalating

    As you toggle between various carriers onscreen, the system automatically selects—based on your defaults—the equivalent method and speed across each carrier, to arrive at the same target delivery date.

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    Proactive rate shopping

    Goflow can auto-shop for the cheapest rate while ensuring your package arrives on time. This occurs behind the scenes, so everything is correctly preselected by the time you land on the shipping screen.

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    Prepare boxes for shipment

    Pack and prepare boxes for shipping options that require no freight purchase via Goflow, including LTL/truckers, your own messenger, and customer pickup. You can also select to automatically print a Bill of Lading.

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    Auto-print correct packing slip

    Goflow offers a range of prebuilt packing slips based on many stores’ requirements. Whether standard, custom, per store requirement, or imported alongside your order, the correct slip is always printed.

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    Notifications are in store

    The system automatically notifies each store of outgoing shipments, complete with carrier-specific tracking detail. Choose whether to notify store when shipping label is printed, or defer to when shipment actually leaves your warehouse.

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    Create and print manifests

    With a single click, you can generate a shipping manifest, print it out, and mark all orders on board as shipped. As with all documents, manifests can be downloaded for emailing, etc.

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    Use 3rd party shipping accounts

    Connect unlimited shipping accounts from your customers or stores so freight is automatically billed to them. This reduces the need for reimbursements and additional bookkeeping.

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    Send invoices for EDI orders

    Goflow automatically sends invoices for EDI orders to stores, so they are billed without delay. Invoices are also sent to your accounting software (such as QuickBooks) for efficient recordkeeping.