Vendor Inventory Integration

Speak their language.

Align your catalog with your vendors’ by telling Goflow which vendor sends which products at what costs; which default vendor you prefer per product; and what identifiers they use for products.

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    Keep stock of their inventory

    Upload bulk vendor inventory and cost via file upload. You can also set expiration dates for inventory, after which point Goflow treats it as depleted until you update.

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    Their inventory, your availability

    When feeding inventory quantities to your stores and channels, Goflow combines your inventory on hand with your vendors' inventory, all based on your inventory allocation rules. See Inventory for more.

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    PTO informed by vendor inventory

    Goflow sends designated orders to your Purchase to Order bucket, so you can easily order the necessary products from your vendors. In the PTO screen, live vendor inventory is shown so you only order what they have available. See The PTO Flow for more.