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The Inventory Management Software That Lets You Double Sales without Doubling Inventory

Unlock the true potential of your inventory with Goflow Inventory Management. Double or triple your sales with the inventory you already have.

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Maximized Sales Potential

Harness the full capabilities of your current inventory. Dive into its untapped potential, revealing significantly more sales opportunities from the stock you already have, efficiently turning existing resources into revenue.

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Balanced Stock Optimization

Go from understock and overstock to the sweet spot of inventory. Efficient management leads to an ideal balance of sellable stock, maximizing your capital's effectiveness and driving sales without extra investment.

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Prophet-Level Purchasing Insight

Make purchasing decisions with near-prophetic accuracy. Harness the power of deep data insights and sales trends to accurately forecast what will sell and when, dramatically reducing guesswork and avoiding unnecessary investment.

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Real-Time Tracking

Track Inventory Seamlessly. Anywhere. Everywhere.

Harness the capability of real-time inventory management across all channels and warehouses, ensuring virtually 100% accuracy and efficiency in every transaction.

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Seamless Synchronization

Experience real-time inventory updates across all warehouses. Keep track of stock levels effortlessly, ensuring every customer order is consistently fulfilled.

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Automated Tracking

Enjoy the efficiency of automated tracking for all inventory transactions. Precise recording ensures unmatched accuracy in your inventory management.

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Instant Stock Insights

Get immediate and precise insights into your stock levels. Respond swiftly to market demands with well-informed, quick decision-making.

Multi-Warehouse Inventory Control

Warehouse transfers made easy.

  • Streamlined Stock Redistribution — Efficiently manage inventory movement between warehouses to maintain optimal stock levels. Automated adjustments for both source and destination warehouses enhance this seamless process.
  • Intuitive Transfer Workflows — Streamline transfers between your warehouses and 3PL providers with intuitive, built-in workflows, ensuring smooth stock movement and operational efficiency.
  • 3PL Reconciliation & Tracking — Efficiently manage your inventory with 3PL providers, including FBA & MCF. Track and reconcile live inventory data from external warehouses for enhanced inventory control and strategic insights.
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Precision Inventory Movement Tracking

  • Seamless Movement Monitoring — Monitor each item's journey through your inventory in real-time, from receipt to shipment. Maintain a continuous and accurate view of your stock's movement.
  • Dynamic Status Updates — Stay updated with the status of each product—on-hand, reserved, on sales order—after every transaction, ensuring your inventory records remain current and reliable.
  • Bin/Location Precision Tracking — Achieve detailed accuracy with bin/location tracking for each warehouse item. Enhance your entire inventory process with streamlined retrieval and stock management.
Screenshot of the Goflow dashboard, showing part of the 3PL fulfillment process.

Streamlined Kits Assembly & Disassembly

  • Versatile Product Bundling — Create and disassemble product kits with ease to meet varying market demands. Offer attractive bundles or individual components flexibly.
  • Accurate Component Tracking — Ensure precise inventory tracking when assembling or disassembling kits, maintaining accurate stock counts for both bundled and individual items.
  • Dynamic Sales Adaptability — Quickly adapt to market opportunities by effortlessly assembling or breaking down product kits, supporting promotional strategies and meeting customer needs.
Screenshot of the Goflow dashboard, showing part of the purchase-to-order process.

Accurate Inventory Receipt Batch Tracking

  • Real Cost Clarity — Gain precise cost tracking for your inventory, unaffected by price fluctuations. Know the exact cost of your current inventory for accurate profit analysis and product pricing.
  • Inventory Age Accuracy — Identify the exact age of inventory items from receipt, crucial for managing stock rotation, particularly for perishable or time-sensitive products.
  • Comprehensive Inventory Value Reporting — Keep a clear and accurate record of your inventory's total value, essential for financial reporting and understanding your inventory on-hand value.
Screenshot of the Goflow dashboard, showing part of the dropship fulfillment process.

Upgrade Your Inventory Strategy Now

It's time to make inventory management your advantage. Join us for a demo of Goflow and start transforming your stock into a dynamic sales generator. Act fast – your journey towards smarter inventory management begins here.

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Live Sync & Allocation

Sell more, faster, with advanced inventory sync and allocation

Effortlessly balance stock levels, capitalize on every selling opportunity, and ensure customer satisfaction with real-time precision and strategic allocation.

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Percentage-Based Inventory Allocation

Customize inventory distribution to each store or product by assigning specific percentages, aligning perfectly with your sales strategy and stock availability.

Managed Stock Display Rules

Set display rules for stock in each store, such as minimum or maximum limits, to effectively manage customer expectations.

Vendor Inventory Integration

Seamlessly integrate vendor inventory into your listings for real-time availability, enhancing your product range without increasing inventory.

Intelligent Stock Safety Settings

Automatically adjust stock safety levels by store, product, or listing to minimize the risk of overselling across multiple channels.

Warehouse Inventory Allocation

Automate inventory allocation from prioritized warehouses, adjusted dynamically for each store, product, or listing, for efficient distribution.

Vacation Mode Allocation

Activate vacation mode to temporarily pause sales across channels or extend lead-times for later fulfillment. Customize activation and deactivation dates to suit your needs seamlessly.

Say Goodbye to Inventory Management Worries

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More Sales, Everywhere

Enjoy a surge in sales across all markets. Ensure your products are always accessible and visible to your customers, wherever they are.

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Increased Profits

Transform increased sales into greater profits. Benefit from optimized inventory levels and reduced waste, ensuring efficient use of every investment dollar.

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Fewer Headaches

Eliminate the complexities of inventory management. The Goflow system simplifies these challenges, allowing you to focus on business growth easily.

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Better Capital Turnover

Optimize your capital usage. Our efficient stock management system accelerates turnover, freeing up resources for further investment and growth.

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Eradicate Manual Inventory Work

Experience inventory management without the management. The fully automated system takes charge, freeing you and your team to focus on growth.

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No Forgotten Inventory

Never lose track of your inventory. Every item is meticulously accounted for with real-time tracking and accurate syncing.

Reporting & Analytics

You Don't Have to Be an Excel Wizard to Master Inventory Planning

Gone are the days of endless spreadsheets and that uneasy feeling of gambling with your inventory capital. Now, everything you need is at your fingertips, empowering you with precision and confidence in every inventory decision.

Screenshot of the Goflow dashboard, showing different order statuses.

On-Hand Inventory Tracking

Get a comprehensive view of your current stock levels in both units and value, ensuring alignment with market demands and sales objectives.

Screenshot of the Goflow dashboard, showing warehouse fulfillment settings.

Inventory Over Time Analysis

Analyze how your inventory changes in both units and value over time, providing key insights for strategic planning and forecasting.

Screenshot of the Goflow dashboard, showing pick list bulk shipping.

Inventory Aging Insights

Pinpoint and manage slow-moving items with individual unit-level inventory aging tracking, optimizing stock turnover and enhancing overall efficiency.

Unlock Your Inventory's Full Potential

Discover the key to smarter, faster sales growth with Goflow. Book a demo today and see how effective inventory management can immediately impact your business. Don’t miss out – the opportunity to optimize your inventory is just a click away.

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