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Automatic order import

Goflow continuously checks in background for new 850 purchase orders, transparently importing them into system as regular orders.

Amazon Vendor Central orders shown mingled with orders from other marketplaces

1-click order confirm

Make informed decisions thanks to a rich products overview, with detailed inventory per product. Enter your choice, click Confirm, and Goflow automatically sends an 855 shipment confirmation in the background.

Amazon Vendor Central order shown being confirmed

Order confirm in bulk

See an overview of all products in all orders, with a single line per product across all orders combined. Make your choices, hit Confirm, and Goflow sends an 855 for each order behind the scenes.

Amazon Vendor Central orders shown being confirmed in bulk

Order confirm in Excel

Decision-making depends on external factors?

Download an Excel sheet of all products combined, make your choices there, upload it to Goflow, where a single click sends all necessary 855 confirmations.

Amazon Vendor Central order shown being confirmed via an upload sheet

Shipment routing request

With orders confirmed, request shipment routing right within Goflow.

If done before packing, Goflow auto-calculates shipping boxes, weight, cubic feet, etc. based on the products' configuration in your catalog.

Click Send, and Goflow submits a 753 shipment routing request behind the scenes; begins monitoring for a 754 routing response; then auto-updates the order with shipment details required by Amazon.

Shipment Routing Request for Amazon Vendor Central order

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For all these and more:

Effortless packing

Your choice: scan each product in the order, or let Goflow automatically pack it according to its default unit of measure. (Excel sheet upload available if packing depends on external factors.)

Pack & Ship screen in Goflow

ASN, invoice & label auto-print

With order shipped, Goflow can auto-submit an Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN) and Invoice to Amazon behind the scenes.

The integrated printing system automatically prints all carton labels, BOLs and Commercial Invoices (for international shipments), as well as shipping labels for small parcel shipments.

Printing Amazon Vendor Central carton labels

Purchase-to-order support

Don't stock products directly? Goflow helps you purchase necessary inventory from your vendors by automatically choosing either the cheapest vendor or your default vendor, based on your settings.

Purchase to Order screen

Receive & Ship at once

Once purchased, the order's status within Goflow changes to Backorder. Upon receiving the inventory from your vendor, you can use Goflow's innovative Receive & Ship feature to receive inventory and ship the order with a single scan per product.

Receive & Ship feature

External warehouse (3PL) fulfillment

If you stock products in a 3rd-party fulfillment center, Goflow can send orders to your 3PL for fulfillment; receive shipment tracking from your 3PL; and send the ASN and invoice to Amazon.

Goflow integrates with all major 3PLs. New integrations added regularly.

Use a 3PL not yet integrated with Goflow? Simply export all documents and labels for all orders at once for easy sending to your 3PL. When they notify you of shipment, mark orders as shipped within Goflow, and it sends an ASN and invoice to Amazon.

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Goflow takes automation to new levels of efficiency and productivity.

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