Take total stock of
your inventory.

From goods on hand to stock being handled by vendors or 3PL partners, get a tight handle on exactly what’s coming, going and flowing.

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    Manage unlimited warehouses

    Track, manage and adjust inventory across all your global warehouses, including first party and partnered (3PL)—all from a single place.

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    Bird’s eye view and beyond

    Each warehouse’s stock status is always displayed inline—with inventory sufficiency visible within each transaction—and a simple click launches a bird’s eye view across all inventory sources.

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    100% clarity, 0% overstock

    Know precisely where your inventory is so you never risk over-selling or under-ordering. See what’s on PO, on SO, on transfer, etc. so you know what’s in the pipeline and what’s truly available.

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    Look back to the beginning

    Click into a product’s Inventory History for a full history of all inventory movement, since the beginning of time. Perfect for at-a-glance auditing to streamline reconciliation.

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    Keep multi-channel inventory in sync

    Sell confidently knowing inventory auto-updates across all stores in response to any change: sales, inventory receipts, or any other inventory movement. Individual transactions may be set not to reserve inventory.

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    Feed your vendor & 3PL inventory

    Configure the system to use inventory from vendors and 3PL partners when feeding inventory to your listings. This also enables you to utilize your FBA inventory for other stores like eBay, etc.

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    Customize inventory allocation

    Goflow preempts overselling to any store with custom inventory allocation rules per store/warehouse/vendor. These rules, which remain override-able per listing, inform outgoing inventory levels.

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    Bundles and kits go with the flow

    Assemblies and disassemblies are finally effortless: Inventory is automatically adjusted and FIFO costs automatically calculated based on the original units.

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    Unlimited product locations

    Tell the system in which aisle/bin you usually keep each product, and it reminds you about it during the picking process: Locations are printed on pick/receiving lists to streamline individual product locating.

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    Direct returns with a click

    Whenever you receive a returned item, it follows a simple flow to help you select whether to discard it or return it to regular inventory for future fulfillment. See Sales for more returns-specific features.

Warehouse transfers, fully aware

It is now easier than ever to transfer inventory between warehouses—whether your own or of a third party (3PL). Goflow has developed a complete flow across picking, packing, shipping, receiving and review:

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    Create transfer — Enter transfer details into the system and choose whether to save it as completed, or send it through the flow.

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    Pick, pack and ship — Print a pick list, scan products to pack into boxes, select a carrier and print shipping labels and a Bill of Lading.

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    Receive — Register the inventory at the receiving warehouse by scanning every received unit.

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    Reconcile — Transfers received in full are automatically marked as completed. If there’s an inventory discrepancy between sent/received quantity, the transfer is bucketed for review and reconciliation.

FBA inbound shipments, standardized

In Goflow, transfers to FBA move like magic. The system abstracts all of Amazon’s unique complexities, leaving you with something quite similar to our regular warehouse transfer flow—albeit empowered by all the elements you need to meet Amazon’s requirements:

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    Create transfer — Enter transfer details into the system like a regular transfer, while selecting a listing for each product being transferred.

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    Create Shipment Plan directly within Goflow — Submit plan details and choose whether to accept Amazon’s shipment plan. If Amazon splits the transfer into multiple shipments, Goflow enables you to choose which shipments to accept.

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    Pick and pack — Print a pick list, print FNSKU labels, scan products to pack into boxes and print carton labels.

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    Ship — Choose whether to ship with Amazon Partnered shipping or select your own carrier, and print shipping labels—all directly from within the same flow.

Goflow continuously tracks Amazon shipment receipts, recording inventory as quantity transferred and updating your FBA warehouse inventory. Due to Amazon’s infamous contradicting receipt data, the system stays on top of it by updating as Amazon does — and buckets discrepancies for your review and reconciliation.