All together
as none

By automatically unifying every possible data-driven ecommerce element, Goflow is 100% exactly like no other platform

The Goflow Difference

An entire Flowlosophy

Miles beyond your average OMS, Goflow operates as an internal network of individualized yet intertwined flows. From order flows to purchase flows to catalog flows, each product, process and action lives in its own linear storyline — while remaining integrally linked to the bigger picture.

Data entered at any point and from any source is auto populated across departments and related flows, creating a self-contained, self-managing ecosystem of listings, inventory, orders, logistics and fulfillment.

Order out of order? Just bucket

When an error, discrepancy or need for manual input is detected, the item in question is intelligently off-boarded into its predestined bucket. Surrounding processes flow along without hiccup, giving you a clear queue of what’s waiting where. Once the bucketed item is resolved, it automatically nestles back in place along the correct flow.

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orders everywhere

Order flows compile data—including complex EDI orders—from all your stores in one place, providing a single online dashboard, consistently look-alike order packets, and easy universal controls

Thinking past the sale

Whether you deal with direct fulfillment, purchase-to-order, dropship or a third party, purchase flows route every order from the right place, to the right place, at the right time

Control is what’s in store

With all product attributes managed in one centralized place, catalog flows enable fully customized field mapping per channel, with automatic responsiveness to changes in your master catalog