Systemwide Features

With Goflow,
control is systemic.

Built right into our core are systemwide features like instant data access, smart info grouping, sophisticated printing and more — putting control at your fingertips.

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    Native-esque printer control

    While Goflow is a slick, scalable, evolving browser app, it accesses printers directly like a native computer app. Goodbye, print prompts: no popups or extra clicks.

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    Optimized auto printing

    Proprietary technology enables instant, direct printing to all printer types, including high-volume thermal printers, with printing auto-triggered at all the right points in your flows.

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    Granular printer defaults

    Easily set default printers per store and per document type, for everything from orders to pick lists to product labels to shipping labels and beyond — all using our powerful, native-grade printing.

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    Rapid data detailing

    Thanks to our steep investment in Goflow’s search infrastructure, advanced searching, filtering and sorting all happen instantly onscreen as you type.

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    Every filter you can want

    Throughout the system, text-searchable filters include super-fine detail to find what you’re looking for: status, order type, contents, locations, carriers, time-related stamps, destinations, and much more.

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    Results as you click

    Searching, filtering and sorting results are produced while you don’t wait. Even as you select filters, subsequent filters are instantly redefined based on your previous selections.

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    Anything, anywhere importing

    From orders to images to URLs to load-from-file, the import button is always present for easy, smart, targeted importing directly into all areas of the system — with a CSV template.

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    Detailed post-filter exporting

    On-the-spot data exporting is available systemwide, with data shapeable by all filters and search options. Full line item detail exporting is also just a click away for any filtered selection (or the entire list).

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    Click for quick preview

    Dig deeper into any line item anywhere in the system with our universal quick preview feature. Details expand or pop open, eliminating the need to leave your working screen or launch a new window.

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    Attachments that stick

    Everything in Goflow can bear unlimited attachments. Whatever reference docs you want to keep—images, PDFs, screenshots—you can easily attach them to orders, products, transfers, adjustments, returns, or any other transaction.

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    Everyone takes note

    Build team communication and improve your chain of information with unlimited notes. Append notes to anything in the system, and your entire team can see who wrote what when.

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    Tag: you’re it

    In Goflow, tags are as flexible and useful as your imagination. Create a flow that works best for your operating style with custom tags per transaction type, all assignable to any item/entry and fully searchable.