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Mapping Listing Attributes to Product Fields

The product is the central catalog type in Goflow, and it contains all the information about your items. Attribute mapping is the process of binding product fields to listing attributes so that data may flow from the product to the listing.

Attribute mapping is not the same as listing mapping. Whereas listing mapping binds a particular product to a particular listing, attribute mapping binds product fields to listing attributes for all listings of a given store.

Mapping listing attributes makes it easier to create and manage listings by:

Creating and Managing Listing Attribute Mappings

To manage store listing attribute mapping follow these steps:

  1. Go to DirectoryStores, and select the store.
  2. On the Listings Attribute Mappings card, click Manage.
  3. Add, or remove listing attributes.
  4. Configure custom fields.
  5. For each listing attribute in the left column, enter a Product Field mapping in the right column.
  6. Click Save.

Don't feel compelled to map all the available attributes. Map as many as you wish. There is no need to complete the mappings.

The listing attributes that are mapped will draw data from the product, while attributes left unmapped will not, and will require manual input.

Adding Attributes to Listing Attribute Mappings

The store comes preconfigured with general attributes that apply to all listing categories. Some attributes are even mapped by default to product fields.

To map attributes that apply to specific categories, you would first have to add these attributes to the page. Click on + Add Mapping to add a new row. Then enter the listing attribute in the left column.

Adding all Attributes of a Specific Listing Category

Instead of individually searching for and adding attributes, include all the necessary attributes for a particular listing category together:

  1. Go to DirectoryStores, and select the store.
  2. On the Listings Attribute Mappings card, click Manage.
  3. Under Add Category Attributes, select the desired listing category, and click Select Attributes.
  4. Check the attributes you wish to add, and click Add Attributes.

Mapping Listings Attributes to Product Custom Fields

Products come preset with standard fields. Standard fields apply to all products, such as SKU, brand, and UPC. A detailed listing will invariably require more than the set of preset standard fields. Users create custom fields to house details such as color, suggested age, and material type.

Custom fields are organized in groups. Each custom field is uniquely identified by its group name and field name. Custom fields have a defined type, which determine the sort of data it holds. The types include text, number, decimal, etc.

Configuring New Custom Fields to Complement for Listing Attributes

Goflow will assist you in creating new custom fields for each added listing attribute that you need to map.

  1. Go to DirectoryStores, and select the store.
  2. On the Listings Attribute Mappings card, click Manage.
  3. Click on Configure Custom Fields.
  4. Check the listing attributes for which you want to create custom fields.
  5. Either accept the Goflow suggestions for the field names and data types, or edit to your liking.
  6. Finally, click Create Custom Fields.

Listing Attributes are Prefilled with data from Mapped Product Fields

As you create new manual listings, Goflow will prefill all attributes with data from the mapped product fields. This feature will assist you in creating new listings by drawing on data that you already entered on the product.

Prefilling is a one-time sync only. Editing or deleting a field on the product will not affect attribute data for existing listings.