New All Level Functions
1. Mark Definition. Previously the procedure was to click on the open chart to define approximate location, and then edit mark coordinates to specify location more precisely. Now all Levels can define Marks by the following additional methods (access by 'Define Mark' on the Marks Menu): (a) Specify Coordinates; (b) Range & Bearing from Boat Position; (c) Range & Bearing from Active Mark; and (d) At location of Boat (use to define ends of starting line).
On May 1, 2008 we will release Level 3 of Advantage, adding specialized buoy racing functions to Advantage Level 2. In the process we have added the following new functions to Levels 1 and/or 2.
2. Add Mark to Course: Previously, to add a Mark to an existing Course, you had to first define the Mark and then use the 'Build Course' utility to add the Mark. With this new function on the Marks Menu, you can add a Mark (specified by lat-lon) to a Course (or start a new Course with the Mark) in a single step. This is particularly useful if you want to track the courses of competitors, creating a 'Course' for each competitor using the reported positions each day.
4. Compare Courses: In Level 2 or higher, you can now simultaneously display multiple courses with the new 'Compare Courses' function on the Tactics Menu. This can be used to track multiple competitors, or to compare routing solutions computed with different wind prediction data.
Levels 2 and 3
3. Improved Track Functions: Improved controls allow you to pause during the replay of a previously-saved Track and the program will automatically reset to the time and date of that moment, allowing you to see position in context with wind and current at that time.
5. Improved "Super-If" Function: This function, which compares alternative two-tack sequences to an upwind or downwind mark, is now more accurate and displays the actual predicted track of the boat on each tack to the layline. In general, in a venue with non-uniform current, these tracks (and the laylines) are curved, and the "true wind" experienced by the boat varies due to the current even if the ground wind is constant. Advantage is the only software to compute these effects and accurate laylines and times to a layline.
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