Advantage Level 3 Functions
May 1 Release of Advantage Level 3. In early 2007 we introduced Advantage Racing Software, Levels 1 and 2. With Level 2, the user obtained unique tools for ocean racing and general-purpose functions (such as "Super-If") not offered by any competitor. Plus Advantage comes complete with detailed charts and at lower cost ($900 for Level 2).

With Level 3 we add more general purpose functions, more features for ocean racing and a suite of new tools for buoy racing, as outlined below (see links). Level 3 greatly exceeds the capabilities of any other software, and at a competitive price ($1,900). Level 1 and Level 2 users can step up with full credit for their prior purchase price applied to a purchase of Level 3.
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The following links provide details regarding these new Level 3 Functions:

  1. New Short-Range Tactical Functions

  1. New User 'Quick' Current & Wind Models

  1. New Starting Line Display

  1. New Buoy Racing - Onboard Functions

  1. New Routing Options

  1. New Wind Monitoring Functions

  1. New "VMG" Tactical Display

  1. New Functions for All Program Levels
New All Level Functions
Starting Line Display
Buoy Racing
Routing Options